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Evaluate Bopup IM by using this shared instance of the communication server and pre-defined user accounts|

Just type as an address of IM server in your Bopup Messenger or Bopup Observer client.

Instant messaging software supports both Windows PC and Android platforms

These Test User Accounts Let Communicate

Try one or use several accounts on different devices simultaneously to see how the Bopup IM works


Password: user

This regular user account can send and receive instant messages.


Password: admin

Administrator account is able to deliver high-priority messages marked as urgent.


Password: demo

Another regular user account that is visible to the user and admin accounts.

Access IM in 3 Easy Steps

Rapid introduction to secure text messaging without a need to install a stand-alone copy of Bopup Communication Server



Get the instant messenger in our Download Center or download the app on official Google Play market.



Launch the setup package to install the application on Windows PC or Android tablet/phone.



Type in a field of address of the communication server on the messenger startup.

We offer our Bopup Communication Server as a self-hosted product for free (with $199 US OFF) to small offices and companies.

Bopup IM Features & Benefits

Not familar with Bopup IM yet? Learn more about the advantages that you can achieve with our chat software


Real-time communication is strongly secure. Each private conversation, broadcast messages and file deliveries are encrypted by the IM server and messenger apps.


The IM server provides a unique tool to distribute and apply configuration for the end-user messaging apps.


New versions of the client messengers can be easily uploaded on the IM server in order to be automatically installed on users' desktops.


Centralized messaging groups enables fast broadcast instant messaging between employees within an office or a whole organization.


Change the brand name of the instant messengers, show a company logo anywhere in the app interface.


The IM server logs and archives all messages with powerful functions to browse and search the history.

Pricing for the IM Software

Check our popular self-hosted software bundles offered for one-time payment and with lifetime license

Standard Pack


Bopup Communication Server (IM server)

25 concurrent users (messenger app)
10% discount
One-time payment
One year of free upgades
No mandatory or per use fees

Office Pack

Best Choice


Bopup Communication Server (IM server)

50 concurrent users (messenger app)
10% discount
One-time payment
One year of free upgades
No mandatory or per use fees

Enterprise Pack


Bopup Communication Server (IM server)

100 concurrent users (messenger app)
10% discount
One-time payment
One year of free upgades
No mandatory or per use fees

Custom amount of licenses and volume discounts are available. Visit our Order page for advanced details and calculation.

Do not have a server with 24/7 uptime to host the IM?

No problem, we can run the communication server for you as SaaS on monthly basis!

Bopup Observer


per user / month

Free technical support

Free re-branding support

Free upgades to new versions

Bopup Messenger

$1.50 ​​​​​​​

per user / month

Free technical support

Free re-branding support

Free upgades to new versions

Bopup Communication Server v.5

A new level of security and management of enterprise IM for wide-range of businesses

In-house Instant Messaging Server

Running on your private environment this IM platform is intended to replace public IM systems by offerring strong encryption of data, message archiving, Active Directory and Terminal Server/Citrix support.

Can be purchased as a self-managed software within a lifetime license with no any monthly, recurrent or other mandatory fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer to your question about our IM solution


What is Bopup IM?


Bopup IM system is based on a client/server platform that offers secure text messaging and file transfer functions. Unlike many others IM providers the server-side software can be also provided as a stand-alone app that must be installed and run on a customer's server computer. It is not a public IM solution so no message logs and any other confidential information is stored on third-party servers somewhere on Internet.


Is Active Directory (LDAP) supported?


Our IM platform is designed and intended for use in office and corporate environment. Thus we did a lot of work to answer critical needs and requirements for EIM software. The communication server supports Active Directory such as user authentication in domain network, and fast migration of user accounts from the LDAP catalog.


Can the IM software be re-branded?


Branding the software allows to show company logotype in the interface of instant messaging clients and even change the application title by removing Bopup brand name. This is possible by using built-in instruments on the IM server.


Is it possible to use the IM clients on Terminal Server/Citrix environment?


Sure. No any additional configuration is needed to run the instant messenger on a Terminal/Citrix Server under several users concurrently. They all can enter to the IM network using different user accounts working on same server.

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